As I thought about a song to post for today, immediately Switchfoot’s Your Love is a Song came to mind.  It’s one of those songs with a hauntingly beautiful melody and equally mysterious lyrics.  I went hunting for its meaning and lo and behold, found the thoughts of lead singer and writer of the song, Jon Foreman.

“For me, melody is a constant. I am always buzzing with some hook or rhythm or idea… (for example, I’ve got an idea in my head now from when I went surfing a few hours ago).

Sometimes I imagine the entire universe as a song, or an incredibly elaborate symphony- the sun is setting, there’s a kid staring at the evening train going by. People are falling in love. Fathers are apologizing to their sons after years of unspoken silence. Children are looking for the approval that only a mother can give.

I think of life as an interwoven and interconnected masterpiece. It’s like Lauren Hill and Kierkegaard say- everything effects everything.

Alongside these beautiful, pure notes there are elements of horrific dissonance. Parts of the symphony where the musicians are not following the score. To our shame, ours is a world of slavery, bigotry, and hate. Of Rwanda. Of Darfur. These atonal catastrophes on our Darkwater Planet would destroy the song if they could.

But love is a stronger song. Alongside the dissonance there is hope. There is forgiveness and joy singing alongside of hatred and despair. The song is still being written. Every day we choose whether we will submit to the score to sing along with love.

When I found out about the string theory it made a lot of sense. I pictured all the universe vibrating. Some instruments are out of tune. Some are not following the conductor. But love conquers a multitude of errors. Your love can cover even the atrocities that I’ve committed in my own life, even the times when my actions are horribly out of tune. Yes, even these have been mercifully forgiven and brought into the song.

There are reoccurring themes in my life. Because I write about the things I’m wrestling, these themes often find themselves in multiple songs. I used fight against this concept. Now I see these songs as interconnected, sequels in a real life documentary. One idea that I’m continually wresting with is the concept that the creator of heavens and earth would love a wreck like myself. This idea has been the seed for a few of my songs, they are a trilogy of sorts: ‘Let Your Love Be Strong,’ ‘Your Love is Strong,’ and ‘Your Love is a Song.'”  ~Jon Forman

“By day the Lord directs His love, at night His song is with me- a prayer to the God of my life.” Psalm 42:8

He is right.  Love is woven throughout the history of the world, and it will not be overcome by evil.  Love rises, love overcomes, love endures.

Love is offered to all in the form of the Son of God – Jesus Christ – and it’s up to each of us whether we will receive Him Who is love, or not.

Even if we’ve received Him and been transformed, we have a daily, hourly choice whether to hide His love with our fears, angers, and insecurities, or allow His love in us to rise to the surface and shine through our heartaches and trials.  To let the rest of the world see that love is still alive, and with it hope and joy and peace.

When we do our life joins with the song of the ages – the love of God weaving all things together into a melody made beautiful in His time.