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If you’ve been praying a long time, if you’ve asked why more times than you can count, if you wonder if God sees you, this video encouragement by Sheila Walsh is helpful.

One of the names of God is El Roi – the God Who Sees Me. This is not just what He does, this is who He is.  This is His character, and not just with some, not just with those considered “special,” but with everyone.

God is not a respecter of persons. He is not moved by a person’s social standing or financial position or power. Know that He sees you. Yes, you who’ve suffered a long time and feel invisible, you whose child is lost, you who feel you have no where else to turn, He sees you, and He loves you.

I don’t know why His timetable is different for each person, but deep down I know that He is such a personal God that He has a different, yet always good plan for each of us who love Him and put our trust and faith in Him.

God has reminded me that the cracks of a broken heart are the perfect places for God’s healing love to flow in.

In Christ’s love,