Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise Him, my Savior and my God.  Psalm 42:5

We’ve all faced a crises at one point or another. If for some reason you haven’t, you will. Right now, today, you have a chance to prepare for the storm.  Those who have faced them before will be wise to prepare for the next one.

I’ve been in the depths many times, sure it would be the last time.  My soul sunk like a stone and laid on the ocean floor dying for a gasp of air. My cries for help seemed hopelessly muffled by the weight of the depths. Light seemed so very distant, the surface too far to reach.

But God’s arm is never too short.

All I have to do is reach up, take His hand and He will pull me to the light again.

The word hope in this emotion-drenched psalm means to wait; to be patient.

Though God takes my hand – and He takes every hand extended to Him – the storm may not abate immediately.

There is purpose in the storm.

Spiritual seeds implanted in my heart must be watered, and those sprouted must grow to fruition.  My mind must be washed of the dirt of ungodly thinking, the air cleansed of my past guilt and shame.

Sometimes the Living Water comes down in a beautiful afternoon rain, and sometimes it comes down in torrents.

But God knows.

He knows what He’s accomplishing in the storms.  He knows the clouds will drift away and the sun will shine again.  And He knows the beauty that will live on afterward.

There are many people and things we can put our hope in when we’re facing a storm, but none them will bring praise to our lips at the end of the storm like hoping in God, our Savior, the One who lived, and died, and lives again to bring us into His presence.

So how do we prepare for the next time we find ourselves in a storm? 

Take hold of His hand today, and don’t let go.